Dear Gun Owner, 

I am going to let you in on something many gun owners don't realize until it's too late.

Here it is…

Just because you’re the good guy doesn’t guarantee you’ll survive a violent attack...


There’s a big difference between surviving a violent attack and DOMINATING it. 

Violent attacks happen lightning fast and if you haven’t prepared for it you will be the VICTIM. 

In fact, far too many people have found out too late they were not prepared even though they had a concealed carry permit and carried their firearm daily.

Common sense tells you that the worst time to discover you aren’t ready for a violent attack is when you’re in the middle of a violent attack.

So why do so many remain unprepared? 

The main reason people aren’t prepared when violence strikes isn’t because they don’t want to be prepared, but rather they don’t know how to prepare. 

And let’s be honest, if you practice enough with live fire training to be truly prepared for a violent attack, you’ll need need to take out a loan to pay for ammo. Not to mention the range fees, time it takes to get to and from the range, and the fact that it takes a huge amount of motivation and commitment.


That’s why I created this training.


So you could master the fundamentals of fast, accurate, shooting and give yourself the upper hand if you are ever violently attacked. 

With My Revolutionary 21 Day Dry Fire Challenge

You Will Be Prepared For Any Violent Self Defense Situation From the Comfort of Your Home - In Your Spare Time.

Zero ammo expense

  • No trips to the shooting range

  • On your own schedule

  • Far less risk than live fire training

Something you need to know about most firearm training courses.

Before I tell you exactly what you’ll get in this online course, I want to first address something that plagues most firearm training.

Most courses that teach practice drills, techniques, and methods tell you what to practice but they never tell you how to practice.

In order to get the best results possible, in the shortest time frame, you must know how to practice.  

In my 21 Day Dry Fire Challenge, I’ll tell you exactly how to practice so it’s burned into your brain faster and becomes automatic…even under pressure. It will become a subconscious instinct.


Here’s what you’ll discover in this simple yet comprehensive course.

Introduction - I’ll set you up for success before you even start.

Safety Tips, Train With The Best Tools - Learn about the benefits of dry fire training as well as some tools to make your 21 day journey much easier and effective.

Day 1 - Proper Two Handed Pistol Grip - Knowing and practicing the proper grip will put you in the position to be accurate and consistent with your shots.

Day 2 - The Proper Shooting Position - Learn the most common position that gives you the best chance of controlling your shots and making faster follow up shots.You’ll discover the mistakes to watch for, and correct, so you always hit your target.

Day 3 - The High Compressed Ready Position - This position has many strategic and practical advantages. You’ll learn to incorporate this position as one of your foundational positions that signals your brain that you have not identified an immediate threat.

Day 4 - The Extended Shooting Position - You have identified an imminent threat and this position is what you must assume to be ready to fire. You will discover the pitfalls to avoid so you naturally maintain a perfect line of sight and achieve accurate hits.

Day 5 - The Trigger Press Drill - One of the secrets to consistent accuracy lies in pressing the trigger. This drill will show you how to achieve the perfect trigger press that will keep your groups tight…even during a high pressure situation.

Day 6 - The Slack & Reset Drill - This drill will reveal how you can “shorten the distance” when taking precision shots. Many seasoned shooters get this wrong.

Day 7 - Three Important Questions - I’ll give you three questions to zero in on keeping your practice time as efficient as possible to get results faster.

Day 8 - The Penny Drill - This drill puts your newly developed skills to the test so you can assess exactly where to focus for faster, more consistent shots. 

Day 9 - Intuitive Unsighted Fire - Instinctively hit your target from 9 to 15 ft away without ever using your sights. Your brain will want to keep your eyes on the threat not your sights. It’s critical to gain this skill so you’re prepared for a violent attack.

Day 10 - Front Sight Vision Training String. Precision shooting using your sights. Sight picture - How to train and strengthen your eyes to achieve crystal clear focus on the most important aspects of the sight picture.

Day 11 - The Front Sight Focus Drill - Rapidly transition your focus exactly like you would if in a high pressure fast moving situation. You will take precision shots quickly.

Day 12 - Transitioning Between Targets Drill - 3 steps to nail multiple targets (threats) quickly. How to avoid the most common mistake shooters make that wastes time and causes you to miss your target. Make defensive shots more accurately and efficiently. 

Day 13 - The Emergency Reload Drill - The most common reload scenario in a self defense situation and how to master it. It could mean the difference between coming our alive…or dead.

Day 14 - Three Important Questions - These questions are designed to help you see exactly where to focus your practice time for the best results.

Day 15 - Slow Presentation From The Holster - Nothing else matters if your firearm is in the holster. Two most common concealed carry positions and how to master each one. Plus, the one common mistake that drastically increases your chances of an accident.

Day 16 - The Tap, Rack, Bang Drill - How to immediately get back in the fight if all you hear is a “click” when you pull the trigger. 


Day 17 - The Malfunction Clearing Drill - How to efficiently and instinctively clear a malfunction of your firearm without even thinking about it.

Day 18 - Integrating Lateral Movement - During a life or death violent attack staying in one place can get you killed. You’ll see exactly how to move and when to move so you can be ready to shoot while making yourself a difficult target.

Day 19 - Presentation in a Vehicle - Many concealed carry holders remove their gun and put it somewhere like the center console every time they get into their vehicle - Discover the two reasons this is WRONG and learn how to have your firearm easily accessible while in your vehicle. 


Day 20 - One Handed Presentation - It’s not always possible to have both hands free when you’re presented with a violent attack. How to quickly present your firearm one handed and fire while reducing felt recoil. How to quickly get on the threat from a one handed presentation. In a perfect world two handed presentation is best…but what if that’s not possible?  

Day 21 - The Three Most Important Questions - These questions will help you reassess your new found skills to easily determine where to focus so you can the most from your practice time.

Act Now! Receive These 5 Free Bonuses:

Discover the critical skills needed to truly“level the field” and give you your best chance of dominating…no matter what situation you encounter during a violent attack.

Bonus #1 - The Bodies Natural Reactions - Straight from my Advanced Concealed Carry course level 1. When you train to integrate your body's natural reactions into your dry fire training, you’ll truly be ready for anything that comes at you. Neglect this training and you’ll be a massive disadvantage should a violent attack occur.

Bonus #2 - The Turn & Present Drill - You’re walking down the street and you hear a loud bang behind you…this simple drill will help you naturally react so you can be ready to engage the threat.   

Bonus #3 - Strong Hand & Off Hand - This drill puts you among the 1% that can use a firearm with both hands if needed.  

Bonus #4 - The Restaurant Drill - You're sitting in a restaurant having dinner with your spouse. As you’re scanning the room you notice a man enter holding a knife. You have a fraction of a second…what will you do? This drill makes you fully prepared.

Bonus #5 - Transitioning Between Hands - You should spend most of your time training with your dominant hand. So why learn to transition between hands? You’ll discover two very good reasons that will increase your chances of survival. 


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What Others Say About This Revolutionary Course.

You Have No Risk With My 100% 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

You can try out The 21 Day Dry Fire Challenge risk-free because I’m backing your decision with a 100% 60-day money back guarantee.

Go through the entire 21 Day Dry Fire all the videos and even the five bonus videos, go through the drills and master the shooting skills you need to dominate a violent attack…experience the burst of confidence as your shooting skills and firearm handling improve dramatically. 

Then, if (for any reason or no reason at all) you don’t feel satisfied with the program and everything you’ve accomplished (even if it’s on day 59) simply let me know and you’ll receive a prompt 100% refund.

As you can see, you have nothing to lose (except the ability to survive and dominate a violent attack using this proven program, If you don’t act now).

Let’s Recap

Exactly What You Receive with The 21 Day Dry Fire Challenge.

  • 21 Videos with all the drills, methods, tactics and techniques that expert shooters use to shoot faster and more accurately…so you are 100% prepared for a violent attack.

  • 5 Free Bonus Videos that will take you from 100% prepared to elite status.

  • The 21 Day Dry Fire Challenge Digital Workbook.

  • Access to our Private Facebook group comprises beginners all the way to advanced shooters eager to help you succeed.

  • My “no way you can lose” 100% 60-day money back guarantee. 

  • The thrill of experiencing your confidence soar as you gain new skills with your firearm.

Here’s What it Comes Down to:

In just three short weeks you can be mastering the skills you need to not only survive, but dominate a violent attack. Your confidence will be through the roof and you’ll feel like it was totally worth getting your concealed carry permit. 

Or, you can still be wondering…and feeling uneasy about the fact that deep down you know you’re not prepared. 

The last thing I want is for the next 3 months to go by, and for you to look back and see that nothing’s changed.  

Don’t let that happen. 

Your life or the life of a loved one could very well depend on your decision today.


I look for to training with you!

Ryan G. Thomas

Ryan’s central theme of being a “safe and responsible gun owner” can be observed in his numerous online courses designed to equip citizens with protective and life-saving skills. His latest book, Florida Concealed Carry Law is heralded as the “go to” resource for learning Florida concealed carry law in a simple, easy to understand manner. You Ryan believes a trained and aware citizen is the best way to minimize crime, victims and senseless acts of violence. He has been teaching classes since 2009 in the Tampa Bay Area and has personally taught over 25,000 students, and thousands have taken his #1 rated Florida online concealed carry course.