Loved the class. Ryan made it very entertaining and broke the sections up to make you not feel like you had to sit through the whole training at once. If you had to close down the website for any reason and return to taking the class it held your exact position you left. I've been through another CWP class and other firearms safety courses and this was by far and away the best. I would highly recommend this course to anyone considering getting their CWP or learning to handle a firearm safely. Marc Mandeville

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Very informative and had a great time. The instructor does not leave you bored, rather engaged with comedy and real life scenarios 🤙
-Scott Williamson

I really enjoyed the class I was referred by a friend Patric who spoke highly of him and the class I enjoyed it a lot very enthusiastic and knowledgeable.
-Travis White

Awesome and fun filled class! Couldn't have asked for anything better, you wont be disappointed!
-Vince Metzgar

Ryan presented the information in an informative and interesting manner. I never lost interest during the entire class.
-Maryanne Austin

Highly recommend this class for a solid overview on what you need to know to carry in Florida as well as reciprocal states. Ryan’s approach is direct, easy to understand, and right to the point. He engages his class to help everyone think through the what they would do in various scenarios. Plus he he gives you access to tons of free online classes that are just as good and help you be a responsible gun owner.
-Stan Dzierzega

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